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Fixed term contract CSA`s - Fight for your future!

Questions and answers for fixed-term contract CSAs about the upcoming strike ballots

Q: What are RMT's upcoming ballots?

RMT is launching two ballots for industrial action. One ballot, which covers all grades of LU staff, is for industrial action in our campaign for a decent pay settlement and proper compensation for moving to 24-hour running ("Night Tube"). The other three Tube unions, ASLEF, TSSA, and Unite, will also be balloting their members on these issues and we are working towards coordinated action.

RMT London Calling Newsletter - May/June 2015

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Latest advice on the review and appeal process for station staff relocation

Winning at Thales, strikes due on DLR

Night Tube provocation - local roster consultation

Justice for cleaners!

Thales RMT members at Waterloo&Palestra - Reasons to VOTE YES

Reasons to vote 'YES' in the forthcoming ballot:

NO COMPULSORY REDUNDANCIES: There are vacancies and positions available, so let's fill them with people that are at risk. We believe that there is no need for these people to be worried about losing their jobs and Thales should end their at risk status NOW.

If it can happen to them, it can happen to YOU.

RMT Wins 50 Permanent Jobs For Cleaners

RMT campaigning has forced cleaning company Interserve to commit to hiring 50 AGS agency cleaners on permanent contracts across London Underground by the end of April 2015.

This shows that union campaigning gets results. Our exposure of AGS’s exploitative practises, such as forcing workers to register as “self-employed”, is putting pressure on Interserve. Let’s keep up the fight and win more permanent contracts for cleaners.

RMT & HOLT Day Of Action Against Tube Cuts

As part of the ongoing campaign against ticket office closures and staffing cuts on London Underground, HOLT - Hands Off London Transport and Tube workers' union RMT are organising a London-wide day of action.

We believe cuts and closures will make the Tube less accessible and safe for passengers, particularly disabled passengers and those with English as a second language, as well as more dangerous and stressful for staff.

We demand properly staffed stations with open ticket offices.

RMT Launch Fightback Against Interserve As Reps Sacked, Staff Mistreated, And Pay Inadequate


Further to my previous Circular (IR/303/14, 17th November 2014), members will recall that we advised the Company that a dispute situation existed over the mistreatment of staff and abuse of power by supervisors and management, non-payment of wages, and attacks on trade union reps and activists. The RMT Reps then commenced the task of checking and updating member’s details as necessary for a ballot for industrial action.

Thales Strike Ballot - Vote Yes

Further to my previous Circular (IR/061/15, 2nd March 2015), the Company has been informed that a dispute situation now exists over the proposed changes to the Services organisation as part of the GTS Optimisation Programme. The proposals include compulsory redundancies and those members left at the Company will be facing worse rosters, shift patterns and terms and conditions. RMT put forward strong counter-proposals during discussions but it is clear that the Company has no intention of changing their plans.