Fixed term contract? Why you shoud strike

LU has been looking for a formula to weaken the trades unions for years. They hoped the development of the SRT would have a negative effect on stations , but the buggers kept joining the RMT.
When the unions rightly forced management to address the gender imbalance among drivers, LU thought that by advertising in Cosmopolitan, etc, they'd get a nice passive workforce in heels & Laura Ashley skirts.
Nope - the buggers joined trade unions.
Now LU has hit on short term contracts, hoping the fear that if you join the union, or certainly if you strike, you might not get your contract renewed, or taken on permanently, will win.
If you're on a short term contract you probably don't realise it, but you're actually in a position to shape industrial relations on thee Tube for a generation.
LU has recruited and trained up hundreds of you. That's a massive expenditure. If you all stick together (and the majority of you have already joined RMT) and don't allow LU and the Evening Standard to bully, cajole or frighten you about next week's strike, LU bosses are gonna be left scratching their heads, thinking 'bollo, that didn't work. What next?'

If, on the other hand, fear gets the upper hand, and any serious number of short termers break the strike, management will be shouting 'way to go, we've cracked it; we've won'.
After that, no one coming on the job will start on a permanent contract, will they?
Temporary contracts will become the norm, and then all of us, but especially if you're not permanent, will have something to worry about.
LU doesn't reward 'good behaviour' and doesn't notice the extra effort.
The negotiations currently taking place re pay & night tube will have implications beyond the working life of even the permanent staff, never mind the short term contract staff. It's vital therefore that LU enters into serious negotiations with your representatives and makes offers on pay & conditions, jobs, job security etc, that properly reflect the hard work we do, the changes we would be making & the value we create for London. When LU doesn't do that, and it's not happening right now, we have the right to withdraw our labour. If we all do it together, all stand together, we all get a better deal.