NIght tube Q&A for Service Control

Night Tube Q&A for Service Control:

Q. Why does Night Tube affect Service Control?
A. Night Tube will involve more night shifts, more work and responsibility on those night shifts and more anti-social working paterns.

Q. Haven't London Underground addressed these issues by giving extra staff on affected lines?
A. Some lines have been given extra staff to deal with Night Tube. This is because they have to provide extra staff for Meal Relief. Normally Meal Relief's are to be taken after the close of traffic. Now that is not an option.

Q. Why would London Underground offer anything in return for Night Tube?
A. Night Tube can only happen if the Professional Service Control Agreement is altered. London Underground must change that to reflect the fact we will need to work throughout the night.

Q. Haven't London Underground already made an offer?
A. Yes, however the offer to Service Control is FIVE TIMES lower than that to Trains Staff. It is £500 pounds as a one off lump sum and only to staff who are affected on September 12th. Meaning join a Night Tube line on September 13th you will get nothing.

Q. My line isn't affected by Night Tube yet. Why should I strike?
A. Night tube is not affecting certain lines right now. But management have said they will be looking to implement it throughout SSR once the upgrade is finalised. And if it proves to be successful they will no doubt want to extend the days they operate it.

Q. Will striking not affect my future within London Underground?
A. No, history has shown those who take industrial action are as successful and often more than those who don't. It also sends a clear message that management cannot take us for granted and we will take whatever action necessary to protect ourselves.

Q. How can I get in touch for help and advice?
A. Contact us at