Tube strike on as tube bosses threaten to forcibly displace staff and use scab workforce during strike

Dear RMT Members

Today myself and senior RMT reps, The TSSA  and LUL at met ACAS on the above dispute for the 3rd day this week. Despite the strong effort of our Negotiation team we were not able to make any progress on the key issues of the loss of 838 jobs, displacements  and Transfer arrangements, destaffing of control rooms, abuse of CSA2 grades at the expense of CSA1 and roster balance.

Preasure was attempted by LUL with threats to forcibly displace staff and with continued use of the unsafe scab workforce of so called ambassadors if the strike happens.

The Talks have failed. I am reporting back to General Secretary and National Executice Commtitee of the above. The 24 hour Strike 8th and 9th January is ON and overtime ban remains on.


John Leach
RMT Regional Organiser
London Transport Region

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