Tube Lines 'Rest Day' Dispute resolved

I am pleased to advise branches that following further discussions with the company, the GGC has accepted the latest proposal from Tube Lines to resolve this dispute. The details of the agreement are below: -

  • All staff will be rostered to work a 35 hour week consisting of 5 consecutive shifts (either Sunday – Thursday or Monday to Friday) with 2 consecutive day off.
  • The 10 days on 4 off roster will be removed from the Contract of Employment.
  • Annual Leave days will be 37 days per annum.
  • 4 additional lieu days per annum to be given to existing employees (as of 1st August 2014) 3 days of which must be taken on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and New Year’s Eve when rostered to work, or between New Year’s Day and following 31st of March each year when not rostered to work.
  • Company Vehicle driving time will be half an hour (1/2 hour) per shift for existing staff (as of 1st August 2014) ; but not applicable for any future new employees or any employee who subsequently joints the work group upon promotion or transfer.

The amendments are in accordance with the current Terms and Conditions and will be applicable from 16th August 2014.

As a result of the above agreement, we are no longer in dispute with the company and all industrial action has suspended. I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate your Tube Lines members for their solidarity and determination to resolve this dispute. Without their preparedness to take action, this successful agreement would not have been achieved.