Transport Commisioner Peter Hendy Guardian Interview

Transport For London's commissioner Peter Hendy was recently interviewed by Dave Hill for The Guardian.

In the interview Hendy says that TFL will be facing cuts in its budget of 21% over the next few years. Future job losses are discussed with Hendy foreseeing that "The other thing you take a hit on is the cost of running the place. We will be doing less in some areas, so we will need less people to do it"

On the threatened ticket office closures and current job cuts Hendy says: "These bloody ticket offices don't sell many tickets...We're working quite hard to make sure you don't need to buy anything from an office."

He also describes how Tube Lines had they survived should have completed 70% of upgrades on the Northern Line but only managed around 11%.

Of the Jubilee Line, Hendy describes it as 'bloody crap' how the system is tested. "'s written in Toronto, they send it over, to test it you close the line, put bags over all the signals, disconnect, put the new software in, drive trains up and down, test it out, find out whether it works, and at the end of Sunday you've got to reverse all of that."

He appears to sympathise with the reduction of subsidies for bus customers, which Dave Hill comments will mean "the passenger is paying the price for the crunch."

The full interview is here.