Train Ops' bulletin - Look Out! He's behind you ...

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Train operators are in for a real treat in the next 2 weeks as centurion managers are released from “normal” duties (whatever they may be) to spend time in train crew mess rooms chatting to you about the strike ballot.

So, this is just a reminder that you are not obliged to discuss your decision with anyone, especially not managers – the clue is in the name “secret” ballot. Furthermore you are not obliged to tell your manager if you intend going on strike – just don’t show up!

However, it wouldn’t be polite to just ignore the TOMs when they make the effort to come around for the first time in years, and we all know that small talk with bosses is often difficult, so here are a few suggestions for openers:

• Why do LUL believe it is fair to cut our wages when we have broken all records for passenger numbers and our attendance level is at an all time high?

• Why do LUL believe it is reasonable to impose a multi-year pay deal when politicians and economists the world over haven’t got a clue what is going to happen in 5 weeks time, never mind 5 years?

• Why have LUL sent memos to operating managers instructing them to always award maximum penalties for poor attendance when their own policy states that discretion is allowed?

• And finally, why are LUL suspending and silencing RMT reps across the combine? Is it because they are worried about how damaging the truth can be?