Stratford No1 Branch Olympic Newsletter

Exceptionally Busy

This summer will see Tube staff of all grades working really hard to transport Londoners and visitors during the Olympic period. With the main venue being in Stratford, the Olympic Games Live Sites in Victoria Park and Hyde Park, and Marathon Swimming and Triathlon event in Hyde Park, the Central Line -our RMT branch’s area -is right at the heart of it.Official planning documents categorise the Central line –along with the Jubilee and DLR as expected to be 'exceptionally busy’, and predict that 78% of spectators will to travel to and from the Olympic Park by London Underground and other rail services.

The least we deserve is an appropriate financial reward, without having to sacrifice our hard-won terms and conditions to get it. RMT is asking for a £1,000 lump sum for all London Underground staff, and resisting attempts to change or weaken the agreements that govern our working conditions. LUL is struggling, because it has to provide a transport service having recklessly cut hundreds of jobs.

To cut more jobs in future, LU needs to weaken our agreements so that it can move us around like a ‘Martini workforce’ – any time, any place, anywhere – making it even more important that we defend our agreements now.

RMT is trying to negotiate a deal with London Underground that rewards staff without breaking agreements. As usual, management want to screw as much work out of us for as little money aspossible, but they need our hard work to deliver a decent transport service for the Games, so they need to deal with the biggest –and only all-grades –union on the job. Defend yourself: support your union’s campaign!

Understaffed Stations

Here on the Central Line, our stations are understaffed, even unstaffed at times. Last year’s job cuts mean that we are stretched to breaking point; it feels like there are never enough staff on duty to carry out the work of helping passengers, keeping the station safe and secure, and assisting with the train service.

The Olympic period will see our over-stretched workforce stretched even further. Every station in our area will see an increase in passengers, with Holborn, Chancery Lane, St. Paul's, Bank and Mile End among stations named as expecting 'exceptional' numbers.

RMT representatives are scrutinising stations rosters, to make sure that they comply with agreements and are reasonable for staff to work. These rosters have not yet been agreed; please talk to your local RMT rep for more information. Our latest talks at ACAS should mean that previous ridiculous proposals that would have seen you kept on the station during your meal break or made to work anywhere on your group have been dropped.


Cleaners will feel the impact of the Olympics at least as much as other workers, and yet their employers have not even offered an Olympic bonus. RMT is balloting cleaners for strike action over this and their continuing low pay and lack of holiday, sick pay and pension rights. Please support this campaign and encourage cleaners in your depot or station to join RMT and vote yes to action!

What drivers say

So here we are, the Olympic duty schedules have been revealed and the smell of coffee is all around. And ASLEF’s underhanded deal -in cahoots with management -finally collapses.

Management has made use of ASLEF to screw tube-drivers hard. Thanks to ASLEF, our hard fought for Framework Agreements are in jeopardy. There is no victory here, no 'I told you so'. ASLEF representatives remain in full-blown denial. ASLEF have sold out ALL drivers. And now ASLEF reps are helping-out management and distributing a ‘Letter of Interest’ which was NOT agreed with all unions as it says.

The company is playing train op against train op and mafias against union reps. ASLEF has sold out and cannot call itself a trade union....this is collusion and ASLEF bureaucracy treason.

The treachery of ASLEF’s negotiators is now laid bare for all to see. Blinded by greed they rushed to agree a deal. The Olympic sheets are out and ASLEF's sell-out has allowed the company to breach the Framework with 90% of all duties.

SUPPORT THE RMT CAMPAIGN to ensure all grades of staff get a decent financial reward for Olympics working without having to compromise our hard fought for framework agreements.

For more info talk to your local RMT reps. See updates on RMT website address

NEXT Stratford No1 BRANCH MEETING Thursday May 10th. 5pm Ex Servicemans Club, Harvey Road, Leytonstone. Come along, have your say, all members welcome.

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