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Station Staff In The Firing Line

by Janine Booth, Stations & Revenue Council

As well as the Attendance Clampdown and unfair sackings (reported elsewhere in this newsletter),

LUL management are attacking station and revenue staff’s rights in several other ways: • threatening to forcibly displace staff away from the station they enjoy working at; • misusing the new Special Requirements Team (SRT) to cover for under-staffing of stations; • reorganising Revenue Control and making RCIs feel insecure about their jobs; • denying loads of staff a fair crack at achieving promotion by allowing the privatised promotion system to become chaotic and unjust.

The Attendance Clampdown has seen managers: turn up unannounced on sick staff’s doorsteps; stop sick pay unjustly; contact sick staff several times a day when they are trying to get some rest; hand out warnings with no discretion; and spot ‘patterns’ of non-attendance which are actually just coincidences.

Your six Stations & Revenue Council reps are on management’s case about all these issues, pursuing them vigorously at talks. We are also working hard to help and support your local RMT rep. But we have unanimously come to the conclusion that we need all-grades industrial action to defeat these attacks and to assert all staff’s right to dignity and fairness at work.

To follow developments and get involved, visit our website, RMT Platform.