'SOS: Staff Our Stations' Campaign Goes National

RMT General Grades Committee decision:

We note the successful and well attended meeting of our Station Grades Representatives in Doncaster on Wednesday 21st September 2011 where a multitude of issues was discussed.

Therefore the General Secretary is instructed to establish a General Grades Sub-committee called Special Staff our Stations sub-Committee and we appoint Brother March, Brother Thompson and Sister Booth to this sub-committee and that the matter of Staff Our Stations campaign be referred into this Sub-committee for examination and report.


And an article I wrote for London Underground station staff:

By Janine Booth, RMT Executive

Here on London Underground stations, we know the devastating effects of staffing cuts. Following the 'OSP', station staff are working twice as hard, barely able to meet the needs of passengers, taking abuse on a daily basis, and regularly avoiding safety disasters by the skin of our teeth.

It is little reassurance to know that station staff around the country are facing the same dire situation. The McNulty report, published earlier this year, will lead to even more cuts to station staffing and ticket offices. McNulty claims that station staff are 'unproductive', and has asked Train Operating Companies to review station staffing as a 'matter of priority'. He recommends closing ticket offices in 51% of those stations which currently have them, and cutting opening hours at a further 22%.

RMT is to launch a national campaign to defend station staffing. Following a resolution from a London Underground branch, which was passed by the union's Stations Grades Conference and then by its Annual General Meeting, the 'SOS: Staff Our Stations' campaign is to go national, and will see public leafleting and protests, campaigning materials, and if needed, co-ordinated industrial action.

What is a National Executive Committee decision?

This article is an 'executive decision' which has been written by the RMT National Executive Committee. The National Executive is the union's governing body in between AGMs. Its decisions set out what the union will do on a particular issue.

These decisions can often be brief, and may be one of several passed over a period of time. To get a better understanding or find out more information about what the RMT is doing, speak to your rep or attend your branch or Regional Council meeting.

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