SOS: Staff Our Stations

A national campaign run by RMT to oppose cuts in staffing of stations and ticket offices.

A Message to LU Station Staff - Draft BNS/Rosters: Defend our Staffing Levels!

This week, management are publishing the draft Business Needs Schematics (BNS) and rosters for Fit for the Future - Stations. These are being presented to your union reps at a local ('level one') meeting, and reps will then consult you and take your views back to a feedback meeting.

The BNS shows where management think staff are needed on the station.
The roster shows the days, hours and rest days that staff are expected to follow.

If we fight we may lose; if we dont fight we cannot win

The rosters that LUL want to force through in readiness for FFFS in 2016 have been leaked. Inadvertently by a kind hearted and concerned GSM? Maybe.
The full impact of the madness of this new model is now available for all to see.

The RMT have from day 1 said the idea you can cut 1000 staff, shut ticket offices, control rooms, take away customer focus and assistance and offer a better service is not only flawed but frankly dangerous.

Opinion Poll Shows Londoners' Opposition To Ticket Office Closures And Fare Increases

An RMT news release sent out to today from the RMT's media department increases pressure on LU's plans to close ticket offices. A survey carried out on behalf of the union by 'Survation' clearly shows the the publics opposition to ticket office closures and fare rises. This survey underlines the importance of our union's campaign to keep ticket offices open and shows that the public supports us on this issue.

Click on the attachment to see the full report.

The RMT's press release is below:


October 16th 2013


Say no to ticket office closures

Say no to ticket office closures and fare rises.

Sign the petition to say no to yet another inflation-busting fares hike and staff cuts & ticket office closures at Balham, Tooting Bec and Tooting Broadway
Under Mayor Boris Johnson tube and bus fares in London have become the most expensive anywhere in the world. Not only are you paying more, you are getting worse value for your money. The Mayor has plans to cut staff and close Balham, Tooting Bec and Tooting Broadway ticket offices – making commuting more difficult and less safe.

Stop The Closure Of Whitechapel Ticket Office

Please take a few seconds to add your name to the petition to stop the closure of Whitechapel ticket office:

With Crossrail coming to London next year, Whitechapel Underground station is undergoing a huge refurbishment, which will see the station serving thousands more customers each year. However, London Underground has announced that the completed station will have no ticket office.

RMT Evidence To The Greater London Assembly Follow-up To Its Investigation Into The State Of The Tube

As the largest trade union on London Underground, and the only union representing all grades on London Underground, RMT deeply regrets that no action has been taken following the GLA investigation into the state of the Tube.

In particular, RMT is deeply concerned that following the Union’s active engagement in the investigation, and the subsequent good faith with which we engaged the Olympics, that it now appears that our members are faced with an unprecedented assault.

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