Solidarity with outsourced workers at the University of London

As officers of the London Transport Regional Council of the RMT, we extend our full support and solidarity to IWGB members at the University of London, striking on 6 June to demand an end to outsourcing.

Many of our members, especially in cleaning but also in engineering and maintenance, are all too aware of the realities of outsourcing, which lead to gross inequalities between workers. Our union has won some victories on this front recently, including, after a lengthy campaign, the full-scale reintegration of outsourced Tube Lines maintenance workers into full in-house employment with London Underground. But we still have much to do: we are currently campaigning for over 3,000 Tube cleaners, currently employed by outsourced contractor ABM, to be brought in house.

Some of our members, drivers on the Jubilee Line, will also be striking on 6 June, as part of a dispute to resist the imposition a new timetable that will lead to an increase in weekend working. We know from the IWGB's historic campaigns for equal holiday entitlements for your members that you understand the importance of every worker's right to decent work/life balance and a life outside of work, and hope we can convey your solidarity to our members on the Jubilee Line.

Good luck and solidarity for your strike and ongoing campaigns. We look forward to continuing to support your efforts and to working together in our common aim of securing greater rights and more power for the working class.

In solidarity,

Glen Hart, Secretary, RMT London Transport Regional Council
Vaughan Thomas, President, RMT London Transport Regional Council
Anis Boukhalfa, Secretary, RMT London Transport Region Cleaning Grades Committee
Janine Booth London Transport Regional Council Disability Officer
Cat Cray London Transport Regional Council Political Officer
Marie Harrington London Transport Regional Council Women’s Officer 
Phil Rowan London Transport Regional Council Assistant Secretary
Peter North London Transport Regional Council Web Officer