RMT win: no more 'double' meal breaks on trains

Spare Turns Meal Break Victory for RMT

The dispute on the Central line is paying dividends for drivers across the combine. Following a massive Yes vote for strike action the RMT has been in talks about a number of issues, one of which is the unsafe and unfair practice of forcing spare drivers to have 2 meal breaks. This would usually involve taking a break as soon as a driver signs on followed by 5.15 of work and then
another break followed by more work.

We are pleased to inform you that today the RMT has achieved the end of the process of 2 meal breaks. The only reason this has been achieved is because of
the strength of the RMT ballot on the Central line and message this sent to LUL. Another organisation ended their dispute without achieving this important concession, but are now claiming credit for it.
Many congratulations to the members and reps on the Central line, and also to the Officers in attendance at Company Council and ACAS where this has been
discussed and achieved.

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