RMT raises serious safety concerns following despicable West Ham staff assaults

Joint statement from Tier 2 and SFC following our meeting with management today:

Tier 2 and S.F.C reps met today with Brian Woodhead and Senior BTP Officers. We put your concerns to them in no uncertain terms, including but not limited to:

- Access to trauma support
- The duty of care process
- Reliability of magnetic doors
- Ongoing issues raised in the
District East staffing dispute
- Lone working more generally

We told them you don’t feel safe, and we told them you don’t feel supported.

BTP assured us that they will have a static and roaming presence at West Ham up to and including Saturday and we have asked that this be extended into next week at the very least. We challenged them about their presence in the days immediately after the incident and will continue to ask questions as to why we were promised one thing and given another.

Management have said that proposals to address our industrial action on the District East area are being considered by the TFL board of directors this afternoon and they will report back to us later this week.
We wont accept lone working continuing in these circumstances and have specifically requested assurances from management that no one on the Jubilee East Group will be required to lone work for any reason at this time.

We will continue to update you on this increasingly urgent matter. Almost all of the issues that have arisen at West Ham have been previously raised by Tier 2 and S.F.C particularly in regards to Trauma Support and workplace violence.

It is never acceptable for violence in the workplace to exist let alone be common place and we are of the firm belief that what is required is more staff not clever words.

Please remember your legal right to withdraw on the grounds of health and safety. No one should have to put themselves at risk.

Please get in touch with your local rep or the Tier 2 and S.F.C teams with any concerns and please make us aware of any incidents.

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