RMT out organising with ABM Cleaners

Report on ABM Tube Cleaners RMT Ballot Campaign Activities

*Workplace Visits*

Today we visited cleaner members & non members on the North End of the Bakerloo Line, the South End of the Northern Line & Acton Town Depot

Cleaners were leafleted, the importance of a strong YES vote in the ballot was explained, a non-member was joined into the union & members were put into the RMT Cleaners WhatsApp.

*Organising Meeting*

This afternoon we met at Unity House and listed various neccesary tasks which need to happen to help make the ballot a success which John Leach LT Organiser RMT & me will run through with other ballot organisational matters. When these are knitted into the strategy it will be communicated & discussed with the Reps & Members.

ABM Management were notified today in writing of the Ballot for Strike Action, and Ballot papers will be sent out to RMT Cleaner members from Monday 28th October NEXT WEEK MONDAY!

*Free Travel*
*Sick Pay*

are our fair demands for ABM Tube Cleaners; we won't stop until we have won *Justice for Cleaners!*

Yours Comradely,

Andy Littlechild,
RMT National Executive
London Transport Region.