RMT Health & Safety Council on the 'red tabard trial'

As you may or may not be aware, your station has been picked to take part in a trial which LU hopes will involve staff voluntarily wearing a red “tabard” with “Here To Help” written on the back. This trial was born out of a London Travel Watch survey which states the following. Throughout our research, it has become clear that most passengers feel that the most critical part of their journey experience relating to staff is their visibility and availability, as opposed to their location. The loss of ticket offices has created challenges, particularly the loss of a focal point where passengers could reliably get assistance. Our research has shown some change in passengers’ perceptions of safety since the closures, with passengers stating that their feelings of safety are strongly related to staff presence.                  

I referred this item up at Uniform Comitee back in July and stated this trial could not go ahead for a number of reasons re safety , lack of consultation and the main crux of the matter being the travel watch survey stated that staff were not visible enough.

This was then referred up from UCC.. in the meantime they said there was no process to refer a uniform item up through the machinery, even though it is a sub group of company Council.

Meanwhile a Tier One Meeting took place at TCR , where this was yet again discussed, as I am the local Health and Safety Rep for this Area , a Failure to Agree was lodged and this will now be discussed at our next Tier 2 meeting, which takes place on 16th November. What I stated in the Failure to Agree , is that the trial should not take place in the following areas.. Oxford Circus, Knightsbridge, Uxbridge and South Kensington because of all of the above.

The point of view of both TSSA and RMT is that the current trial is outside the scope of what was originally laid out and that meaningful negotiation has not occurred. We also have outstanding safety concerns that are yet to be addressed in our next Tier 2 meeting.

The trial starts tomorrow at the above stations , both the RMT and TSSA have voiced their concerns over this trial. This trial is on a voluntary basis and as such staff are free to decide wether they take part or not. But 
both TSSA and RMT at local and functional levels are recommending that you do not take part in this trial however it is of course your choice and whatever you decide will be respected by all .

Kind Regards

Jenny Adams

RMT Tier 2 Health and Safety Council

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