RMT have not agreed new CSA2 document

Dear all Stations and Revenue Staff,

This afternoon, Friday 9th of March, a communication has been sent out on the intranet titled “explaining the CSA2 role.“

RMT and TSSA members of the Station's Safety Council have been negotiating this document for many months now.

The document sent out today is COMPLETELY unagreed whatsoever with either trade union. Furthermore we where not even shown a copy of prior to it being published.

There are many issues in the document that are still being negotiated. This includes wording around minimum numbers, use of lifts and people sick on trains.

We have today formally asked for this document to be withdrawn from the intranet until it has been correctly consulted on and agreed. We will also be submitting formal complaints against the senior managers involved.

So again to be completely clear the RMT and TSSA unions completely reject the document that has been published on the intranet today titled “Explaining the CSA2 role.“

Please publicise this message to as many members as possible.


Ross Marshall RMT
Peter Starbuck TSSA

Stations Safety Council.

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