RMT concerned about TfL's use of non-permanent labour


The following resolution has been received from our London Transport Regional Council:  

“This Region is concerned by the recent FOI release showing a huge number of non-permanent labour working for LUL. We are concerned that the real figure of labour is much higher due to this figure only being for LUL and not including TfL staff.

We want this matter raised urgently with the Senior Management on LUL and also a mapping exercise completed to show where this labour actually is located. We also call on all core work to be carried out by inhouse and permanent staff”

Your National Executive Committee has considered the resolution and took the following decision: -

“We note the resolution from our LTRC and share the concern of our members and reps about TfL's use of non-permanent labour.

The General Secretary is instructed to obtain a report from the lead officer on this matter which should address where the matter has been raised in the machinery of negotiation with TfL/LUL and what work is now required to obtain a comprehensive map of where non-permanent labour is being used by TfL.

LTRC and branches to be informed.”

A report on the progress of this matter through the machinery will be placed back before the NEC, along with the requirements for a detailed map of where non-permanent labour is being employed by TfL.

I trust this keeps you fully advised, and I will inform branches of further developments on this issue.