Resolutions Carried At London Transport Regional Meeting October 2012 - Organising For Hillsborough Families

This resolution was one of several passed at the October London Transport Regional Council meeting. The rest can be found here

'That this region rejoices that after so many years of injustice that finally the truth has been revealed about the deaths of those innocent men, women and children that just went to visit a game of football. The web of lies that had been woven to cover the actions of the police have finally been unpicked. The shame on the face of our national game has been lifted, the lies of the sun newspaper and its tory mates have been thoroughly refuted and the spotlight of justice now needs to fall onto those police that were responsible. To this ends, we call on this region to carry on the tradition of pushing the call for justice that comes from the trade union movement by organising an event that brings Trade Union Leaders together with the families and organisations that are pushing for justice for the Hillsborough families.

From London Underground Engineering Branch