LU Sacks Station Assistant Who Was Victim Of Racist Attack

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CSA Dayna Nembhard
After 8 years unblemished service, Dayna was callously sacked without any corroborated evidence to justify a Gross Misconduct charge.

Pregnant Dayna had finished work and stopped at the KFC for a bite to eat. Unprovoked, a white female customer racially attacked her. Fearing harm to her unborn child, mildmannered Dayna sought to defend

After a police investigation, no charges were carried against Dayna. She had not done anything illegal, unlike the white woman who had racially abused her.

So what does LU do? No police charge, no customer complaint, not in full uniform, not on LU premises … they sack her!!!

An investigating DSM unethically obtained CCTV footage from the KFC. LU’s all white CDI panel, ignored
witness statements to reach their own conclusions. The police explained to LU a staff was racially abused. They failed to seek any advice from a black manager or their own internal Race Relation Advisory