Justice For Dayna

Dayna was sacked by London Underground. She was racially assaulted outside of work, and defended herself as any reasonable person would. Please read the articles below for further details.

Student Support For 'Justice For Dayna' Campaign

By Daniel Lemberger Cooper, President SURHUL & ULU Vice President-elect

A statement from Student union officers and student activists

We the undersigned support RMT member Dayna Nembhard's fight for reinstatement to her job on London Underground. Dayna was sacked for
defending herself against a racist attack

We see this as a continuation of the solidarity built between students and Tube workers during the anti-cuts struggles of the last two years, and a crucial battle in our movements' fight against racism and for workers' rights.


The casualisation of vindictive discriminatory practices

‘The Past We Inherit The Future we Build.’

I am writing to you about an issue which may not seem on the face of it directly a young members issue but if we let these things happen to our fellow workers what will the future be like for us? We cannot let them get away with it, we cannot allow such blatant discrimination, bullying and harassment to become the norm. Such actions pave the way management will behave in the future, we have a lot more years in this company and we cannot allow the casualisation of vindictive discriminatory practices.

Justice for Dayna - The Badge

The campaign to overturn this cruel injustice handed out to Dayna by LUL gathers pace.
The GGC has decided to enact the following to secure Dayna`s reinstatement;
•pursue this case through the full procedure agreed last year, including a meeting between Bob Crow and Mike Brown before proceeding to industrial action if necessary
•raise this issue with our Parliamentary group
•arrange a meeting with Dayna's GLA member, Navin Shah

RMT Will Take All Necessary Action To Defend Sacked SA Dayna Nembhard

We note the report from our Regional Organiser on this shocking case. We are appalled that London Underground has seen fit to victimise and sack a member of staff who did nothing more than stand up for herself against a racist attack while she was off-duty.

We note that there is to be a Directors' Review of this case tomorrow, and give notice that should this not lead to Dayna’s reinstatement, this union will fight this injustice with all methods at our disposal.

We therefore instruct the General Secretary to:

LU Sacks Station Assistant Who Was Victim Of Racist Attack

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CSA Dayna Nembhard
After 8 years unblemished service, Dayna was callously sacked without any corroborated evidence to justify a Gross Misconduct charge.

Pregnant Dayna had finished work and stopped at the KFC for a bite to eat. Unprovoked, a white female customer racially attacked her. Fearing harm to her unborn child, mildmannered Dayna sought to defend