Lillie Bridge Depot dispute update


As Branches and members may recall (Circular No. IR/584/13, 7th October 2013), agreement was reached to resolve the previous dispute with London Underground in 2013 over the proposed closure of Lillie Bridge Depot. However, it now seems that this agreement has been breached and I have recently received the following resolution from our LU Engineering Branch:-

“Ballot of all RMT members in Lillie Bridge Depot and those affected. Lillie Bridge Depot Closure and Breach of LU Company Council Agreement.

Talks at LU Company Council aimed at averting a dispute were successful and ended in an agreement that the Beaumont Ave end of the depot would be opened up to allow works traffic in and out during the Lillie Rd development, and that LU/TfL would consult the RMT in good time as and when the TfL/Capco development plans progressed to affect the depot again.

Beginning this year notice has been given to our departments Track Delivery Unit, Maintenance Infrastructure Services, Track Manufacturing Department, Material Management Department (Stores), Transplant, Fleet Maintenance, District Line Trains and Plant Services at Lillie Bridge Depot that we are required to vacate the depot by 2019.

The timescales are very tight:

· The Feasibility Study for the move to Acton Depot has to be done by May 2016 (1 month) the concept approval for what happens to all of us based in the depot is due to be completed in June 2016 (2 months).

· We have had little only one consultation meeting despite raising the urgency of the situation at both the last LU Track & Signal Functional Council and LU Company Council, and no real progress has been made.

· At this consultation meeting on 8th March 2016; it was agreed to hold a further consultation meeting before Easter 2016. This has not happened and my reminders to LU in the intervening period were first ignored and then the consultation meeting refused despite my advice this would lead to a failure to agree.

RMT Reps and members and this Branch will not be satisfied until we have:

1. An agreement signed off at the highest LU/TfL level setting out an acceptable location for us all to move to.

2. An agreement signed off at the highest LU/TfL level that all the finances needed to fund the move plus any building etc at the new location is agreed to be made available.

We request a meeting of all Reps from all areas and companies with affected staff to decide whether to ballot in their areas too.

Because LU are breaching the previous LU Company Council agreement to consult adequately in good time; and due to the extremely tight timescales we are now in dispute.

RMT LU Engineering Branch requires a ballot for both strike action and action short of a strike of all affected RMT members and members in TDU, MIS, TMD, MM, District Line Trains and Fleet, Plant Services (Tube Lines Ltd).

The livelihood and continued work of all affected RMT members is under a most severe threat due to London Mayor Boris Johnson’s wish to wrap up the Capco/TfL luxury housing development deal for the super-rich between Earl’s Court, West Kensington and West Brompton ahead of the Mayoral election at the expense of local tenants, residents and the jobs of our RMT members affected by the accompanying demolition of Lillie Bridge Depot.

The RMT has spent years successfully defending our members at Lillie Bridge Depot which is one of, if not the most solid RMT depot on London Underground.

We will resist this blatant attack with all forms of action necessary”.

This matter has been considered by the National Executive Committee, which has taken the decision to prepare a ballot matrix for all affected RMT members and organise an all grades Reps meeting to discuss the implications of this attack on our members’ terms and conditions and future job prospects. Also, to provide and fund the necessary leaflets and propaganda and to link up with the local community campaign against the redevelopments in the Earl’s Court, West Kensington and West Brompton areas of West London.

I am currently acting in accordance with this decision and will keep you advised of all further developments.