ISS & ICSA Volunteers: Do The Right Thing - Don't Help London Underground Steal Our Jobs!

An appeal from RMT and TSSA to admin and other staff who have volunteered as 'Incident' CSAs/SSs: read the text below or click '2 attachments' / file names to download a leaflet and poster.

We are facing a massive attack on public transport in London.

The 800 operational job cuts at London Underground are just the tip of the iceberg - thousands more jobs are at risk across TfL.

And we all know that cutting jobs means cutting services and compromising on safety.

TSSA and RMT members at London Underground are taking industrial action to defend their jobs, pay rates, conditions of service and protect public transport for Londoners.

The last 24 hour strike resulted in an almost total closure of the Underground system. Our ban on overtime has forced LUL to close main interchange stations due to “staff shortages”. When TfL said a “good service is operating” on the Northern line, they neglected to say that this consisted of 2 trains per hour.

Even these could not stop at stations because they were closed due to the strike!

TfL are asking for your help to run services in order to break our action to save jobs. They want staff to cross picket lines, they want office staff to volunteer as ICSAs and people to cover strikers’ jobs.

There have already been several serious safety breaches caused by LUL trying to run services during the strike without properly trained staff.

You have a choice to make: you can volunteer to help London Underground cut jobs or you can stand up for your colleagues, for jobs, for safety and for services.

We are strongly advising that no-one should volunteer for any duties that fall outside your job description and contract of employment.

Don’t help LUL undermine our action – it could be your job next.

Don’t think that your job will be any safer if you volunteer and don’t be misled into believing that you will receive any reward. You will just be used, then abused.

Don’t sell out your principles and your fellow workers for an unfulfilled promise from London Underground.

You should not be put under any pressure to volunteer for strike-breaking duties. You should not be victimised or mistreated for refusing to undertake voluntary duties. It is unlawful for TfL to resort to these tactics.

Please immediately inform your Union if you or anyone else feels pressured into volunteering. If it’s not your job, please don’t do it!


Suggested form of words to refuse to be used as a strike breaker:

"I am employed by London Underground as [insert job title]. My contract of employment and job description set out the duties I have agreed to perform and the terms on which I will undertake these duties. I am not contractually obliged to volunteer to perform any other duties and do not wish to do so.

Please do not ask me to undertake the work normally performed by other staff who are taking industrial action. I do not believe that this would be right in principle or safe in practice.

I do not wish to discuss the matter any further."