London Underground 'Ambassadors' (ICSAs)

London Undergrounds Incident Customer Service Assistant grade. This grade is made up of volunteers, often used to cover industrial action and to increase numbers for the Olympics.

London Underground Casualisation Leafter For Tube passengers

An important message from RMT to London Underground passengers.

During the Olympics London Underground has been counting volunteers among the number of safety-trained staff needed legally to keep Tube stations open, putting everyone concerned at risk. See overleaf to see how YOU can help us to stop this abuse.

During the Olympics, London Underground has been using volunteers to help out with the additional crowds using the Tube.

Guidance For Train Operators On The Use Of ICSAs For SATs Duties

Leaflets have been created to give advice to London Underground drivers on what actions to take when Incident Customer Service Assistants (ICSAs) are working on platforms carrying out SATs.

RMT believes that ICSAs are not adequately trained to carry out this safety related role. Their deployment on the paid side of stations also breaches a casualisation agreement reached between the RMT and LUL in 2008.

You can download the leaflet below. Local Reps should also have copies to distribute. For more information speak with a local rep or get in touch with us.

Casualisation Dispute Industrial Action

Industrial action changed - London Underground’s breaches of casualisation dispute settlement

Further to my previous correspondence with regards our Casualisation dispute, your General Grades Committee has reviewed the situation and decided to amend the industrial action. The below action is now CANCELLED:-

Train Operators will not stop at stations which do not have the minimum number of station staff on duty.

Casualisation Dispute Moves Forward

We note the views expressed by our LT region train grades committee, the need to keep our disputes and industrial action continuously under review, and our members’ need for advice and information.

We therefore instruct the General Secretary to ensure the speedy and effective implementation of our previous decision of 17 July 2012 to ensure that members are given full support and information in carrying out our industrial action, including both printed materials and personal contact with officials and representatives.

Keep Stations And The Underground Safe During The Olympics

from RMT General Secretary Bob Crow

Following consultation with our lead officer and representatives, we instruct all London Underground members to take action short of strike action starting at 00:01 on Friday 27 July and continuing until further notice, as follows:

  • All members to not co-operate in any way with the counting of Incident Customer Service Assistants (ICSAs) towards the minimum number of staff on duty for a station to be open to passengers.
  • Members acting as ICSAs to withdraw from the station and refuse to be counted

RMT London Calling newsletter: Olympics special no.2

Updated on 26th July - please ensure you are using the latest version

Click '1 attachment' / file name to download the new issue of our 'RMT London Calling' newsletter, our second Olympics special, reporting on: Olympics agreements won by RMT so far; strikes by cleaners, bike hire and TfL staff; action short of strikes on London Underground; the Olympics security crisis; and more.

London Underground Members Vote For Action Short Of Strike To Prevent Casualisation Of Jobs During The Olympics And After

That we note the result of the ballot for action short of strikes is as follows:-

Total votes cast 1,954
Number voting “Yes” 1682 (86.3% of valid vote)
Number voting “No” 267
Spoilt Papers 5

Vote YES in RMT's Ballots for Action Short of Strikes

RMT is balloting its members on London Underground on two separate issues. These are not ballots for strikes, but for 'action short of strikes'.

They are necessary because of LUL's actions - and will become unnecessary if and when LUL backs off from its dangerous and unacceptable course of action. Until such a point is reached, please vote YES in both these ballots.

Issue 1. Implementation of our Olympic deal

After G4S Security Shambles RMT Warns Of Olympics Transport Staffing Crisis

TRANSPORT UNION RMT warned today of a repeat of the G4S Olympics security scandal on the tube if London Underground continue with their plans to staff services with inadequately trained volunteers.

RMT is in formal dispute as Incident Customer Service Assistants (ICSA’s) are still being used to make up minimum numbers at stations, which is in breach of agreement made in 2008. Additionally. the union has advised management of serious concerns over their plans to introduce mobile station supervision as well as the continuing use of agency and security staff on the ex-Silverlink stations.

RMT Platform June 2012

In June's edition:

  • RMT Stands Up For Agency Staff on LU Stations
  • Your Station and Revenue Grades Committee
  • ICSAs: Vote ‘Yes’ for Safety and Job Security!
  • Stick Within the Framework!
  • Wheelchair Ramps
  • Assisting Passengers With Luggage