Industrial Relations Matters – Telent / MJ Quinns LU Contract

We note that following the resolution from our LU Engineering branch, a meeting has taken place with GGC members and representatives of our Telent/MJ Quinns members. We affirm the views of our representatives that the situation facing workers on this contract is intolerable, with bullying, inadequate pay, and management refusing to allow employees to take leave during the Olympic period.

We therefore instruct the General Secretary to:

  1. Hold a ballot for strike action of all members on this joint venture contract, in appropriate units, to a timescale to be agreed with our LU Engineering branch.
  2. Send a personal letter to all members involved urging them to vote Yes and provide all necessary assistance to the branch in maximising the Yes vote.
  3. As previously instructed, arrange for the Organising Unit to assist the branch with an immediate, short-term recruiting campaign at these two companies.
  4. Confirm that as previously instructed, this union has lodged a recognition request with MJ Quinns on this contract.
  5. Arrange discussions with appropriate representatives of other grades on London Underground who may be affected by any strike action on this contract, with a view to issuing appropriate advice to members.
  6. Place this matter back in front of us in the event of any developments.
  7. Link this file with the files 'Rates Of Pay & Conditions Of Service 2011 – Telent And Olympic Recognition And Reward – Transport For London.'

    London Transport Regional Council and relevant branches to be advised.

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