Central Line East branch calls for 'Every Job Matters' action

Further to my previous Circular (IR/133/16, 5th May 2016), the following resolution has been received from Central Line East Branch:-

“This Branch notes the appalling impact of Fit for the Future – Stations, the ongoing preparations for driverless trains, and threats to jobs in other areas of LUL and more widely, TfL.

We wish the Union to revive its Every Job Matters dispute as soon as is practical. We advocate an all-grades ballot for industrial action, but are also prepared to take stations-only action if station staff are ready to act before other grades”.

The National Executive Committee has noted the resolution and shares the concerns over job losses and the ongoing preparations by management for driverless trains. These attacks represent the ongoing austerity attacks on working people, of which £2.9 billion worth of cuts will be carried out on TfL/LUL. All members should be prepared for the imminent battles that are looming and the NEC has reiterated that the Union will take action, if and when necessary, to defend members jobs and conditions of service.

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