Breaches of agreements lead to Piccadilly strike ballot


As members may recall (Circular No. IR/236/15, 1st October 2015), we declared a dispute situation with LUL in September 2015 and balloted all Train Operator and Instructor Operator members for strike action and action short of a strike. This dispute was as a result of a catalogue of issues on the line including:-

  • Breaches of the agreed SPAD Management Processes
  • Breaches of the Machinery of Negotiation
  • Breaches of LUL’s Attendance Management Policies
  • Issues regarding the opening of Cockfosters Depot
  • Spurious disciplinary action outside of the agreed CDI and LDI Processes

Following the strong ‘YES’ vote in the ballot result, some progress was made over the issues and LUL gave commitments regarding the above which allowed us to await the outcome of further discussions in the hope that a resolution would be reached.

However, since this time there have been further breaches of the disciplinary procedure and a lack of consistency by local management dealing with issues on the line. The National Executive Committee has noted the correspondence on file and as the last ballot has expired, has taken the decision to re-ballot affected members over these issues. The ballot paper will be posted on Monday 22ndFebruary and the closing date for this ballot is Tuesday 8th March 2016.  

I will keep you advised of all further developments.