Breach of Disciplinary Procedures Dispute - Drivers - Piccadilly Line

From RMT official circular IR/108/09, dated 2nd April 2009

I write to congratulate you on a fantastic show of unity and solidarity that has been shown by the results of the ballot for industrial action. The results are shown below;

ARNOS GROVE ________________________SHORT OF STRIKE____STRIKE ACTION NUMBER VOTING YES______84__________________81 NUMBER VOTING NO_______0___________________3 SPOILT PAPERS__________ 0___________________0 TOTAL VOTES____________84__________________84

ACTON TOWN ________________________SHORT OF STRIKE____STRIKE ACTION NUMBER VOTING YES______60__________________54 NUMBER VOTING NO_______5___________________11 SPOILT PAPERS___________2___________________2 TOTAL VOTES____________67__________________67

These results show the strength of feeling and resolve of members.

An appeal will take place on 31st March 2009 for Mr Khan.

I will keep you informed of any actions that are to take place and the outcome of Mr Khan's appeal.

Yours Sincerely

Bob Crow General Secretary