Bakerloo branch congratulated as unfairly sacked driver reinstated


We congratulate our Bakerloo Line Branch, Trains Functional Council reps, the Lead Officer and Senior Assistant General Secretary on the re-instatement of Bro Vigo by London Underground on Tuesday at a resolution meeting with the Employment Tribunal Judge and London Underground management.

Not only have LU re-instated the member back to his driver position but they have also agreed to back pay all his wages - well over a years worth - and pay his legal costs plus compensation; all due to the fact that trumped up charges were levelled at him with procedures bent and misused to try and make them stick.

The company’s attempt to rule by fear has been exposed by this case and the whole debacle also serves as a wake-up call to London Underground to end the bullying culture which is rife throughout the company and stop setting up and picking off individual staff.

We instruct the General Secretary to inform London Underground that we are no longer in dispute and to cancel the ballots for industrial action.

Members to be advised by email and text.

Our Bakerloo Line Branch and the London Transport Regional Council to be advised.