ACAS update on Tube station dispute

LUL Station Staffing & Safety Arrangements, Post Implementation of Fit for the Future. ACAS Update from RMT Regional Organiser John Leach

Dear RMT Members

Today myself and senior RMT reps, The TSSA and LUL met at ACAS on the above dispute. Nothing of any substance was specifically offered, indeed we were offered the same at last Wednesday. The company are looking for a review and have stated that new jobs will be put in. We have said that this is just not enough.

The RMT needs its issues with CSA1 dealt with and all of our safety concerns /staffing levels/ dealt with up front.

I felt that to bring this negotiation to a head we needed to adjourn and management to radically alter their position.

We have made ourselves available for talks.

John Leach

RMT Regional Organiser
London Transport region 11

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