Anti-fascism / anti-racism

Opposing the British National Party (BNP), English Defence League (EDL) and other fascist and/or racist groups

On the streets against Trump and the far right!

For working-class unity against racism and bigotry

13-14 July: on the streets

against Trump and the far right!

​RMT is supporting the mobilisations protesting the visit of US President Donald Trump on Friday 13 July, and the counter-protest against a planned far-right mobilisation in support of Tommy Robinson on 14 July.

Join us to oppose hate and stand up for unity and solidarity.



Reintate our reps now - demo outside Sodexo HQ Nov 14 1100

Campaigners fighting union-busters SODEXO to link up with Orgreave justice fight in London on Friday

ACTIVISTS FROM transport union RMT, fighting union-busting outsourcing outfit SODEXO, will be linking up with campaigners from the Orgreave Truth and Justice Campaign in central London on Friday as both organisations seek to apply pressure for justice in their respective campaigns.

Reparations Conference

SATURDAY 23rd August 2014, 10am to 10pm

RMT's Annual Reparations Conference

Venue: Bernie Grant Arts Centre Tottenham N15 4RX

International Speaker from the Afrikan community in India.

Receiving reports from community Groups on their Reparations activities and from previous presenters.
This is a FREE conference followed by a social and music.

RMT London Transport Region Statement on Muswell Hill Islamic Center Fire

Today’s attack on the Islamic centre in Muswell Hill was a barbaric act calculated to whip up division in the community. The London Transport Region of the RMT wholeheartedly condemns the attack on the centre and offers its full solidarity and support to the community which it serves. We call upon the trade union movement in London to lead a campaign of support and solidarity with the local Muslim community.

RMT Black And Ethnic Minority Members Newsletter October 2012

Check out the latest Black & Ethnic Minority members' newsletter. It has the dates for our next set of meetings, plus details of how RMT members can get nominated for our National Committee.

The Advisory Committee meets three times a year and its role is to advise the Council of Executives on issues relating to black and ethnic minority members.Items are submitted to the Advisory Committee by Branches and Regional Councils.The three-year term of office for members of the National Black and Ethnic Minority Members’ Advisory Committee finishes at the end of this year.

Nominations from Branches are currently being sought for delegates to serve on this Advisory Committee from January 2013 until December 2015. Please inform your Branch Secretary if you want to be nominated.

RMT Black And Ethnic Minority Group Create Marcus Garvey Commemorative Brochure

100 years ago, renowned activist, leader & teacher Marcus Garvey, visited the UK for the first of many visits.

To commemorate the remarkable occasion and in time to participate with October's 'Black History month' celebrations, RMT BEM have helped commission a brochure, detailing the background and achievements of this legendary character's life.

RMT Concerned Over London Underground's Apparent Assistance To English Defense League Demonstrators Travel

We note the resolution from our London Transport Regional Council and share its opposition to the English Defence League (EDL) and its concern over London Underground’s apparent assistance to EDL demonstrators.

We refer this matter to our Political, Transport Policy and Liberation Sub-committee for examination and report.

RMT Vows To Oppose EDL March Through Walthamstow And Builds On Anti-Racism Campaigning

A letter from London Transport Regional Council's Secretary John Reid, to all members

The racist EDL is threatening to march through the streets of Walthamstow on Saturday the 27th October. They were stopped in September and we vow to stop them again in October and whenever they rear their ugly heads.

The EDL claims to be non-racist and non-fascist, yet their numbers are made up of many of the same people who have previously been in the ranks of fascist and racist organisations.