Anti-fascism / anti-racism

Opposing the British National Party (BNP), English Defence League (EDL) and other fascist and/or racist groups

Counter Demonstration against the English Defense League (EDL)

URGENT MESSAGE FROM UNITE AGAINST FASCISM ________________________________________ UNITE AGAINST FASCISM Emergency protest against the EDL in London this Friday Assemble 11am, Friday 5 March Houses of Parliament, London

For more information please call 020 7801 2782 or visit the UAF website


The English Defence League (EDL) will be marching in London on Friday 5 March in support of the far right Dutch MP Geert Wilders who is visiting the House of Lords to whip up hatred against Muslims.

Leafleting against the BNP and "Nazi Nick"

Anti-fascismFrom local anti-fascist group, Redbridge and Epping Forest Together ...

Our next outing is this Thursday 17 December from 5-7pm. This time we will give out leaflets about Nick Griffin’s absurd role as a climate change denier at the Copenhagen summit (“He does not speak for us”) and reporting “BNP man guilty of terrorism”: the case of BNP member Terence Gavan who “made and stockpiled 54 nail and ball-bearing bombs”, “manufactured shotguns, pen guns and pistols at his home” and was “found in possession of ammunition, a manual on booby-traps” and “an improvised munitions handbook”.

Mobilise: Stop the BNP

Anti-fascismAssemble at Upney station.

The fascist BNP - who would ban trade unions if they ever came to power - plan to hold a rally at Upney station TODAY (Thursday 19th) at 7pm.

RMT's London Transport Regional Council has called a counter demonstration for 6pm at Upney station to prevent this racist and fascist group sowing divisions amongst the local community and workforce to further their own political ends.

Protest: Stop the BNP's 'Red White and Blue' festival

Anti-fascismMore information here.

Coaches will take protesters from London to Codnor, Derbyshire. RMT's London Transport Regional Council will fund members to travel to the protest on coaches organised by other bodies eg. Trades Councils.

Barnet TUC has booked a 33 seat coach, which is scheduled to pick up in Finchley Central then Edgware, before travelling to Codnor to reach there at 11am. They expect to leave Codnor at about 4pm.

Resolution: Fighting the BNP

This resolution, submitted by LU Engineering branch, was passed unanimously by the July meeting of the Regional Council.

This Region region totally condemns the activities of the racists and facists that call themselves the BNP.

To this end this region will: * join the protest in Codnor Derbyshire, against the Red, White and Blue Fascist "festival" organised by the BNP in Derbyshire on Saturday 15th August. * It will also produce badges for its Region's members "LT Region aginst Racism" (The LU Engineering Branch agrees to donate £500 to the cost) *

Hope Not Hate - Stop the BNP Poster Campaign

Your help can stop the BNPs national billboard campaign.

Clear Channel – an outdoor advertising agency – have sold the BNP adverts on billboards across the country – they’re financially profiting from the BNP’s vicious campaign.

We are asking all our supporters to send a message to Clear Channel – demanding that they take down the BNP’s racist propaganda.

After you send your letter we will keep you up to date with details about this and other campaigns.