Olympics and Paralympics 2012

Olympics - Serco Docklands

RMT General Grades Committee decision:

That we note the report from our Lead Officer on negotiations with DLR. The General Secretary is instructed to ensure that we enter into negotiations with Serco Docklands on the Olympics issue and to ensure that reports are placed before the General Grades Committee so that we can co-ordinate our response with those offers received from other companies.

Regional Social & Mass Meeting on 2011 Pay & 2012 Olympics Rewards Claims

Please Find Attached a Leaflet for the Mass Meeting on Pay & Olympic Reward claims and the Regional Social Night at the 12 Pins Public House.

12 Pins Public House,
263 Seven Sisters Road
Finsbury Park

Mass Meeting-1730-1930

From 1930 til late, there will be a Regional Social to celebrate RMT's victory in the Victimisation disputes within our Region. There will be a Buffet & Music and a chance for activists & members to get together and have some fun.

Mass Meeting Poster-London Transport 2011 Pay & 2012 Olympics Rewards claims

London Transport Regional Council will be holding a Mass meeting for all members in our region to discuss and report on the 2011 Pay claims & 2012 Olympics Reward claim for all companies in the London Transport Region.

The meeting will be held on Thursday, 15th September,1730 at:

12 Pins Public House,near Finsbury Park station
263 Seven Sisters Road
Finsbury park


The following resolution submitted by the Bakerloo line Branch and seconded by Finsbury Park was carried unanimously at the Regional Council meeting on the 25th August:

This Regional Council notes that LU wish to extend the driving parameters and amount of turns worked on the Bakerloo Line to 6 during the Olympics next year. We are also aware that management wish to bring in rest day working during that period.

RMT warns of lethal consequences as tube bosses plan to replace station staff with untrained volunteers during the Olympics

TUBE UNION RMT today cast a public safety warning over London Underground’s Olympic strategy for staffing stations as it emerged they plan to use “Non Licensed Volunteers” to work throughout stations doing “way finding”- a coded term for crowd control - a skill and task that should only be carried out by experienced competent members of staff.

London Taxis branch resolutions

RMT's London Taxis branch passed the following resolutions at its June meeting:

  1. "that the London Taxi Branch hold demonstrations throughout the event of the Olympics if the Branch continues to be excluded from meetings at Taxis and Private Hire, Transport for London on matters related to the London taxi trade".
  2. "that the London Taxi Branch set up a "strike committee" in relation to (1) above and to look at ways of blocking Olympic Lanes.

RMT to Co-ordinate Union Approach to Olympics

RMT General Grades Committee decision:

That we note the report from our lead officer concerning discussions with Serco Docklands about working arrangements for the Olympic Games.

We instruct the General Secretary to obtain reports from all lead officers on progress of discussions regarding the Olympics.

We refer this issue to the Olympics Sub-Committee for examination and report, and instruct that it meet as soon as practical in order to effectively co-ordinate our work on this issue.

RMT and TSSA Negotiate Ground-Breaking Olympics Pay Deal For Network Rail Staff

Rail union RMT confirmed today that, having pursued a claim with sister union TSSA, they have secured a ground-breaking pay and rewards package offer aimed at taking Network Rail staff through the Olympics:

  • £500 additional money for working through the Olympics period
  • More than 10% pay increase on the basic over the next two years - 5.2% this year and RPI plus .5% in 2012.
  • Agreement of a disputes procedure throughout the Olympics period that means no union member can be dismissed and which recognises the continuing right to withdraw labour.

Join our Olympics Sub-Committee!

RMT London Transport Regional Council has decided to set up an Olympics sub-committee. The purpose of this is to highlight the issues facing our members during the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games, monitor the various employers’ plans, and campaign for a decent bonus and to prevent the introduction of casualised forms of working.