Olympics and Paralympics 2012

The Olympics Dis-Agreement

Don’t sign away your right to work reasonable hours and finish at a reasonable time.

The RMT is insisting that NO member should be compelled to work longer hours or finish later than is stipulated in our contracts and the Framework Agreement.

Our legal advice backs us in this assertion. We are demanding further talks with LUL to ensure that ALL members of staff are treated fairly.

Issue 20 RMT Up front April 2012

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Main stories follow:

Still no deal for RMT drivers working the Olympics

Ongoing talks at ACAS for working during the Olympics have so far failed to reach any agreement.
The union has been clear all along that we will not agree to alterations or breaches to the Framework Agreements for the Olympics.

RMT Executive Decision On LU Olympic Offer And Negotiations

We note the reports from our negotiating team and welcome the apparent progress in talks with London
Underground, in which RMT is stating and explaining our position: that all grades of staff are entitled to a
decent financial reward for Olympics working without having to compromise our agreements. We await London Underground's response, and will continue to constructively discuss with LU the staffing arrangements necessary to deliver the transport service that London needs for successful Olympic and Paralympic Games.

LU Olympics Working: Update from ACAS Talks

At ACAS talks today, RMT stated that we wished to discuss with LU management how to deliver the staffing arrangements needed in all grades to provide London with the transport service it needs in order to make the Olympic and Paralympic Games a success. We stated that RMT believes that this can be achieved within the parameters of existing agreements, and would explain to LU management how this could be done, expecting management to consider these proposals and give its views.

John Carlos Event: Resistance - The Best Olympic Spirit

The John Carlos Event: Resistance - The Best Olympic Spirit will be held at Friends House on Euston Road (Map) on the 21sth of May at 6pm.

Please print and distribute the attached flier amongst your friends and colleagues.

Seize The Time

It was a moment that changed more than just Olympic history. That it certainly did, most iconic image of the Olympic Games and the Black Power movement also captured the mood, the anger and resistance of 1968.

RMT rejects ASLEF/LU guidance document for duty allocation during the Olympics

At a meeting of the Trains Functional Council today (4/4/12) the RMT rejected the proposed ASLEF/LU "guidelines" for allocatating duties during the Olympics.

The RMT members present made the following statement to the Council:

"The RMT has sought and continues to seek an agreement which provides a successful tube system during the 2012 Olympics where our members are properly rewarded for the extra workload involved.

The RMT’s position is that we are not prepared to break framework agreements and driving parameters.

The olympic deal and what it means to you.

This document outlines what LUL want you to give up and how it would affect you personally. Please feel free to download and print to distribute to members.

Our framework is NOT for sale.

LU’s Olympic Offer what it means to you.

London Underground’s insult of an offer for ‘Rewarding’ its station staff during the Olympics in return for selling out our framework is a disgrace, and below is how it would impact on you.