Olympics and Paralympics 2012

Detail Of The LUL Offer For Olympic Working Rejected by RMT

This is the bulletin and related question and answer sheet regarding the Olympic offer made by LUL to 'all permanent staff (including those on fixed-term contracts) employed by LU ..., excluding those covered by the Senior Manager Reward Framework'

The offer has been rejected by the RMT as explained here in a separate article.

RMT Rejects “Derisory” Tube Olympics Pay Offer

TUBE UNION RMT today rejected a “derisory” Olympics pay offer from London Underground and agreed to step up the pressure for a deal that properly rewards the additional work load and pressure that staff will need to carry throughout the Olympics period.

LU have offered a flat rate of £100 linked to “targets” and some additional shift allowances for some staff which are divisive and which fall well short of RMT’s demands for a flat rate payment to all staff across all grades applicable throughout the whole Olympics and Paralympics period.

RMT General Secretary Bob Crow said:

RMT Rejects London Underground's 'Derisory, Inadequate' Olympics Offer

RMT General Grades Committee decision:

We note the offer from London Underground to operational staff of:

  • £100 depending on meeting ’Customer Satisfaction Survey’ targets
  • £15 per shift during the Games only (total of 4 weeks) to reflect changed working patterns. The target includes ‘staff availability’ on an Underground system which has seen dramatic staffing cuts over recent years.

We reject this derisory, inadequate offer on the following grounds:

RMT Secures “Ground Breaking” Olympics Pay And Rewards Deal On London Overground

Rail Union RMT confirmed today that after constructive talks with London Overground Rail Operations Ltd (LOROL) over the last few months, they have secured a ground breaking rewards package for LOROL staff in exchange for some flexibility of work patterns during the Olympics.

The deal, which includes over 500 front line RMT members across the company at all of its locations, will mean enhanced payments for shifts worked during the Olympic and Paralympic Games.

RMT Accepts London Overground Olympics Deal

RMT General Grades Committee decision:

That we note the negotiated proposals on file and the report from our Lead Officer.

The proposals are a comprehensive package of enhancements for the Olympic period in return for flexibility from our members to enable LOROL to run the enhanced services required.

In light of the Lead Officer’s and our Representative’s views, we instruct the General Secretary to inform the Company of our acceptance of the proposals.

LOROL members to be advised of the decision in writing and to be sent a summary of the agreement.

RMT meet management to discuss ASLEF/LU Olympics ‘deal’

RMT Regional Organiser, Steve Hedley, accompanied by RMT trains functional council reps met with senior LU management yesterday to discuss the ASLEF/LU Olympics ‘deal’.

The RMT made clear that as an independent trade union we were not bound by any deals struck with other organisations. Management understood that and confirmed that there were precedence’s were individual unions ‘failed to agree’ issues on different functional councils.

RMT Demands Meeting to Discuss Olympics Arrangement for ALL London Underground Grades

RMT General Grades Committee decision:

We note the correspondence, minutes and documents received regarding our London Underground fleet maintenance members.

We also note that the General Secretary has requested a meeting with London Underground at Company Council level to discuss arrangements for the Olympics for all grades, and that London Underground has not yet responded to this request.