Olympics and Paralympics 2012

RMT to Meet London Underground about Drivers' Olympics 'Deal'

RMT General Grades Committee decision:

We note the correspondence from London Underground concerning our objections to the ‘deal’ over train drivers’ working conditions during the Olympic and Paralympic Games, and the offer of a meeting between the Chair of the Trains Functional Council and our Regional Organiser to discuss this.

We instruct the General Secretary to ensure that this meeting takes place and to obtain a report of the meeting from our Regional Organiser, which is to be placed in front of us.

RMT Register Disagreement With London Underground Over 'Olympic Recognition And Reward'

From General Secretary Bob Crow

I write to advise you that despite London Underground announcing yesterday that a deal has been reached for Train Drivers during the Olympic Games period, RMT has not agreed to this deal; and as such your RMT Representatives’ registered a failure to agree at the Trains Functional Council meeting. I can confirm that RMT reject this deal.

Trains Functional Council Minutes For Olympic Working Meeting

Here are the minutes of the Olympic working 'Trains Functional Council' meeting. The RMT representative voted against the proposals, however the proposals were voted through by other staff side representatives, all members of ASLEF.

The proposals include:

  • Nine hour turns, plus meal break on a weekend - so possibly working 19 hours Saturday and Sunday.
  • Shifts running until 0300 hrs
  • Bakerloo line agreement on number of 'tunnel trips' will be postponed

Click 'read more' to read the minutes, or download them below.

RMT Upfront September '11 Edition

In this edition

ASLEF/LU Olympics “deal” turns out to be a marathon for drivers.

To the shock of every driver on the combine the ASLEF/Management alliance has cooked up behind closed doors a so called ‘Olympics deal’. At the heart of this deal is the ripping up of our hard earned driving parameters that form our Train’s Framework Agreement. In essence, ASLEF/Management want to run a 21st Century railway with 19th Century terms and conditions.

Download the attached pdf to read the latest edition, or if you have a modern browser you can see it by clicking 'read more.'

Olympic Reward and Recognition - London Underground / TfL

RMT General Grades Committee decision:

The General Secretary is instructed to get a report from the Regional Organiser on the up to date position on the negotiations on LUL/TFL and all other companies working under auspices of TFL.

We change the file to now read TFL instead of LUL and we put Serco Docklands file on this main file.