RMT Hold Protest Outside Ugandan Embassy Over Threat To LGBT Rights

The Rail, Maritime and Transport Workers Union held a protest outside the Ugandan embassy in London over the governments plan to introduce a new law known as the 'Kill the Gays Bill.' If this bill is enacted, Uganda would be one of the legally most discriminatory places for sexual minorities in the world.

RMT members handed out hundreds of leaflets in Trafalgar square and helped to spread awareness of LGBT Ugandan's plight to thousands more with flags and banners which caught the attention of many passers-by. Several people approached us to voice there support for LGBT Ugandan's and disgust at what the government there is planning.

This included an ambassador from an EU nation who said he was fully against the discrimination of Ugandans government and was encouraged to hear that the protest and stance we have taken is supported by the union.

Following a resolution passed at this year's LGBT conference, and later by the unions AGM, the RMT has been campaigning against international discrimination of LGBT people. Protests have also recently been held at the Zimbabwe and Russian embassies.

During the protest a letter was handed to the Ugandan ambassador which was signed by RMT General Secretary Bob Crow and dozens more RMT official's and members.

Letter to Ugandan ambassador


At the time of writing this letter, Uganda's proposed Anti-Homosexuality 'Kill the Gays' Bill is on the schedule of the country's Parliament and will be debated sometime very soon.

We join others in describing this bill as abhorrent and an offence to decency, and we stand shoulder-to-shoulder with all people opposing this draconian anti-gay legislation.

If the Ugandan Parliament passes this bill into law, it would bring in one of the most discriminatory legal regimes in the world for sexual minorities.

We note that many Ugandan parliamentarians describe homosexuality as ‘un-African’, when in fact the history of British colonialism in Uganda and other African countries reveals it was anti-homosexual legislation rather than homosexuality that was introduced by external forces. It is homophobia that is ‘un-African’, not homosexuality.

We, the undersigned members of the RMT National Union of Rail, Maritime and Transport Workers, ask President Yoweri Museveni to veto the Anti-Homosexuality Bill and renounce it once and for all; protect the universal human rights embodied in the Ugandan constitution; and defend the rights of all Ugandans regardless of their gender identity or sexual orientation.

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