RMT members meeting: government must fully fund TfL

Please download the attached poster, print it out and display it in your workplace.

Join the RMT members meeting on the 7th of September at 5pm.

Speakers include:

  • Steve Hedley, Assistant General Secretary
  • John Leach, Regional Organiser
  • Jared Wood, National Executive Committee member.

Since 2013 £7bn of cuts have been imposed onto TFL and the tube by central government and the London Mayor. The model of self-financing was imposed on the tube making it the only metro system of its type in the world that does not receive government


We told the mayor and the government it couldn’t work and now the Covid 19 pandemic has brought TfL funding to a crisis point even before we had expected.

The government must now agree to fund TfL so that further cuts are not needed. The London mayor should refuse to implement one more penny of cuts.

Given the scale of cuts already made any further demands to save money would have a disastrous efect on RMT members on the tube and in TfL.

We will not accept another attack on jobs or conditions. We will fight with every means at our disposal. We will fight-back with a public campaign and with industrial action.

The Covid pandemic has triggered an economic crisis in Britain but don’t believe the bosses or politicians who say we’re all in it together. The richest 1000 people in Britain more than doubled their private wealth between the 2008 banking crisis and the Covid pandemic.

They won’t be paying towards economic recovery now.

The government should make the rich pay to subsidise public transport and other essential services. No service cuts, no job cuts, defend pay and conditions.

Join the members meeting, 7th September at 5pm.