Willesden Green Post Industrial Action Report

Happily, the industrial action between Wednesday 8th April and Thursday 9th April 2009 was a success.

Particular thanks go to the many managers who somehow found time in their “busy and demanding schedules” to keep seats warm at various stations. As a result, this freed staff taking industrial action to:

· Hand out thousands of leaflets to thousands of travelling customers informing them of the harassment, intimidation and bullying to which staff on the Willesden Green Group are subject. · The staff received a very positive and inspiring response from all but one of the customers that received leaflets. · The one unhappy customer had a serious employment issue about which he received genuine advice and assistance. · Local and regional RMT representatives were approached by local organisations. · Reps were invited to future meetings of these organisations to explain the ways in which Willesden Green Group staff have been harassed, suffered discrimination, false accusations, intimidation and bullying by LUL management. · All participating staff engaged in a happy and positive picket outside Willesden Green station.

Willesden Green Group Operations:

· Even though station operations were not the focus of the RMT action it appears that, while manager after manager intermittently haunted the pavement outside Willesden Green station, staff levels at stations across the Group were not what as they should be. · All sorts of daft comments were made by various managers hoping that staff would be equally daft and agree with them. · Without any success. · It does appear that LUL management continue to delude themselves into believing that they are entitled to discriminate, bully, harass, falsely accuse and intimidate staff as they see fit. · LUL managers have the support of their managers in this delusion of entitlement to abuse staff. · It does not really matter why these managers are determined to discriminate, harass, intimidate, bully and falsely accuse staff and RMT members. · What does matter is that staff find confidence, support and courage in one another to oppose LUL management actions that discriminate, harass, bully and falsely accuse colleagues.

Congratulations: To all staff and members who directly participated in the industrial action.

Congratulations: To all staff and members who participated in the recent ballot; voting for action to defend the decency and dignity within your workplace.

Congratulations: To all the staff and members throughout LUL and the RMT who have organised, encouraged and delivered a successful day of action. A day of action that successfully publicised the disgraceful treatment of decent colleagues in your workplace by LUL management.

Thanks to: The Evening Standard that highlighted the action in their article “Tube strike called over 2004 dispute”. An article that reminded all of London that what is happening on the Willesden Green Group today was happening at North Greenwich Train Depot in 2004. Clearly, LUL management at every level, in abandonment of their financial, ethical, and Equality Duty, support this management behaviour – in 2004 and in 2009. Commiserations: To all staff or RMT members who were not able to participate. Never mind, this day of industrial action was only one of further steps that will transparently, legally and properly oppose discrimination, false accusations, bullying and harassment by LUL management.