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Willesden Green Group - Station Staff Name Strike Date

Following an overwhelmimg yes vote for Industrial action and London Undergrounds refusal to invite the Equality and Human Rights Commission to investigate Managements discriminatory and abusive treatment of our members, a strike has been called as follows:

Members are not to book-on for any turns of duty that commence between 18.59 Hours on Wednesday 8th April and 18.58 Hours on Thursday 9th April 2009.

Management are targeting new starters and threatening them with the sack if they take strike action. The fact is probationers and apprentices have exactly the same rights as established staff with regard to taking lawful industrial action supported by a ballot and they cannot be picked out in this way. In the event that any RMT member is picked on for taking part in the strike, they will get the full support of the Union and we will do everything within our power to get them reinstated.

For further information a circular from our General Secretay Bob Crow is attached.