Update: Dispute Talks

Olly Brian and Paul at ACASOn Friday, RMT representatives Olly New, Brian Whitehead, Paul Jackson (pictured), Bob Crow and Janine Booth attended ACAS to discuss the LUL dispute.

The idea was to exchange paperwork for further talks. The RMT brought the 2001 dispute settlement ('jobs for life' deal) and associated documents that prove beyond doubt that it applies to all employees of London Underground, the Infracos and subsidiaries.

LUL brought nothing.

RMT spoke to ACAS officials, as did LUL management, but there was no direct meeting between RMT and LUL.

RMT is keen to see talks progress. However, London Underground's representatives told ACAS that they needed more time to look at the documents that RMT had brought, even though we had given them copies of the same documents at talks before the strike, and even though the company itself had made these agreements eight years ago!

Further talks are planned Wednesday 24 June starting at 10am, and continuing on Thursday.

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