Tube members vote to accept Pay and Night Tube offer

Tube union RMT has confirmed today that a referendum ballot of members across London Underground over the most recent offer from the company on pay and night tube has recorded an overwhelming vote for acceptance.

The ballot recorded a vote of  84 % in favour.

General Secretary Mick Cash said:

“I want to pay tribute to RMT’s members across London Underground who have stood rock solid throughout the long campaign of industrial pressure to secure a fair deal from the company over pay and night tube operation.

“Those members have now voted to accept the most recent offer from the company – an offer that was only made after the hard work by union reps in the negotiations backed up by the loyalty, determination and militancy of the workforce right across the tube network.”

The result

Question: Are you prepared to accept the Company’s offer?

Total Votes Cast…              3414

Number Voting ‘Yes’…        2879

Number Voting ‘No’…          532

Spoilt Papers…                    3

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