Tube Lines members to be balloted for strike

Further to my previous Circular (IR/276/15, 12th November 2015), members will recall the previous GGC Decision to obtain a report on how negotiations are proceeding and also to update the GGC and membership on what stage we are at with our dispute with Tube Lines. A number of TLL Company Council meetings have since taken place discuss Pay including PRP, Pensions and Night Tube  and the Company again presented the same offer as the one made by LUL, which is as follows:-
Pay – 4 year settlement from 1st April 2015 to 31st March 2019

  • A 2% average increase for staff covered by collective bargaining, effective 1st April 2015. This is made up of 1% (equivalent to RPI) pay increase on base pay for 2015, plus a consolidated flat rate increase of £500 to recognise the transformation to a 24 hour passenger service operation – Night Tube
  • An increase of RPI or 1% (whichever is greater), effective from 1st April 2016
  • An increase of RPI or 1% (whichever is greater), effective from 1st April 2017
  • An increase of RPI + 0.25%, effective from 1st April 2018 

Night Tube

  • A £500 non-consolidated launch payment to all working on Night Tube. This will be applied to all AP JNP staff covered by collective bargaining.
  • It should be noted that Night Tube Operation will impact on all of our lines and therefore some of our staff will be required to work alternative rosters to enable the business to maintain the infrastructure.

At a mass meeting of Tube Lines Reps held last week at Unity house, this offer was unanimously rejected and the General Grades Committee has taken the decision to ballot our Tube Lines members for strike action and action short of strike action.
I am currently acting in accordance with this decision and will keep you advised of all further developments.