Trains Work life balance dispute ACAS update

The RMT entered into a dispute with London Underground in August as tube bosses had failed to deliver on agreements they made as a part of our 2015 pay deal.

Your union wanted to negotiate alongside Aslef but for several days they refused to share a room with us at ACAS. On one occasion they walked out early in the day so your RMT negotiators where left to meet with management separately to push for a resolution. It was only at the final stage that both the RMT and Aslef met management collectively.

The RMT has secured the following offers at ACAS:

- The reduction in Saturday and Sunday working achieved so far to be continued after the end of the 2015, four year deal.
- An undertaking from LUL to resource a system to allow drivers to work fewer days on a pro-rata basis. This should have been introduced on July 1st so LUL have now guaranteed that during an interim period a guarantee of 3 drivers per depot will be allowed to work 4 days a week on top of normal job shares flexible working etc.
- The four Day Week compressed hours Jubilee line trial will be jointly assessed - if unsuccessful (which it almost certainly will be) then look at other forms of working including a 9 day fortnight trial.
- So far there has been not much movement on transfer of licences to other Train Operating Companies.

The dispute continues, but progress has been made. What we have seen is that when both unions work together we achieve benefits for all our members.

The RMT Trains Functional Council will update members again as discussions with management continue.