TfL Members To Cease Training Of Agency Workers

Further to my previous correspondence, I would like to congratulate you for supporting your union and taking industrial action, in defence of your pension. This attack on your pension is clearly intolerable and represents the future strategy of TfL management and is a threat to all members in the pension fund regardless of company or grade.

In order to put pressure on the company your Executive committee after consulting with your representatives has decided to call the following industrial action:-

All Transport for London Members are instructed from 00:01 hours on Tuesday 4th March 2014 until further notice:-

• Not to provide any kind of training for agency workers known by TfL as non-permanent labour or otherwise, this to include formal classroom training as well as informal ‘buddying/shadowing’.

As you are aware your union has long campaigned against the use of agency staff and the casualisation of existing jobs and has demanded that TfL urgently stops the use of agency staff and offers permanent, direct employment to these agency workers. We firmly believe this approach is detrimental to TfL staff as it undermines your opportunities to obtain and retain work and creates disruption in the workplace.

Therefore I urge you to support this action as the company has got to understand that you and your colleagues are committed to defending pensions and permanent direct employed jobs is a way to ensure the pension funds remain viable. You have shown great support for your union’s position up to now and I urge you to continue this support and take the action as outlined above.


Yours sincerely

Bob Crow
General Secretary