Support Visteon Workers' Occupation

This video shows why workers are occupying Visteon factories in Enfield and elsewhere. Today, I sent their union rep the following message ...

I am writing to offer my full support to the Visteon workers occupying the Enfield factory.

Employers, politicians and the media continually tell workers that we simply have to accept job cuts, pay freezes etc as the inevitable consequences of the recession. But workers did not caue this recession, so why should we have to pay the price?!

RMT members on London Underground and Transport for London are currently balloting for strike action against job cuts, pay cuts and managers' mistreatment of staff. Management are continually taunting us that workers throughout industry are accepting job losses and pay restraint so we should too. It is great to be able to point to your occupation and prove them wrong!

We have a mass meeting tomorrow (Wednesday) early evening at which our ballot result will be announced and plans for industrial action discussed. Our Regional Council officers have agreed that we would like a representative of the Visteon workers to speak for five minutes at the meeting. I hope that you are able to do this, as we would like you to hear our support in person as well as by email!

Yours in solidarity

Janine Booth
RMT London Transport Regional Council