Solidarity with Royal Parks cleaners and attendants

RMT reps at Royal Parks stations say: solidarity with Royal Parks cleaners and attendants!

Cleaners and attendants in the Royal Parks are currently striking to win better workplace conditions. You can learn more about the strike, which is organised jointly by the PCS and UVW unions, by watching this video. The workers plan a strike rally at 11am on 30 August, at Speaker's Corner in Hyde Park. For more details, see here. RMT reps at stations close to Royal Parks have signed a statement of solidarity with the strike.

As workplace representatives for workers at London Underground stations serving Royal Parks, we write to express our solidarity with Royal Parks cleaners and attendants in the UVW and PCS unions, currently striking to win parity of pay and conditions with directly-employed staff, as well as against job losses.

Like Tube workers, Royal Parks workers are essential to the running of a key London institution. Too often, our labour is taken for granted whilst our bosses profit. Like you, we also face struggles over outsourcing, with cleaning, catering, security, and track protection workers on London Underground all facing worse conditions than directly-employed staff.

Your strike is an inspiring example that proves outsourced workers can organise and fight back. We send you our full support and solidarity.


Charlotte Manktelow, RMT Industrial Rep
Thomas Johnson, RMT Health and Safety Rep
Bakerloo Centre (includes Regent’s Park station)

Tony Thomas, RMT Industrial Rep
Gaed Ahmed, RMT Health and Safety Rep
District Centre (includes St James’s Park station)

Mark Coleman, RMT Industrial Rep
District Junction (includes Fulham Broadway station, for Brompton Cemetery)

Kieran Ali, RMT Industrial Rep
Danny Watkins, RMT Health and Safety Rep
Central Centre (includes Marble Arch station, for Hyde Park)

Michael Lancaster, RMT Industrial Rep
Michelle Lampkin, RMT Health and Safety Rep
Victoria Centre (includes Green Park station)

Amy Hutchings, RMT Health and Safety Rep
Piccadilly Centre (includes Hyde Park Corner station)