Station dispute ACAS update: tube bosses offer misses issues by a mile

Today myself and senior RMT Stations reps along with the TSSA met LUL at ACAS to discuss the crisis and issues of dispute caused by Fit for the Future Stations.

We were meeting face to face with LUL Directors for the first time since having had seven days of intensive talks.

The company offered a phased response to the crisis. Firstly that a small amount of control room postions were planned to be put back and approx 60 additional posts at CSA2 would be recruited for and hopefully in post by the spring. They also indicated that additional CSA2s would be recruited into the new year at 25 per month.

This missed the issues at the heart of this dispute by a mile. CSA2 cannot cover the work that has been removed by the abolition of 873 posts.

The huge issues of concern around the health and safety won't be touched by this and the preasure of antisocial rosters still need fixing too.

The company said they will be writing to the unions in due course. Both unions will be reporting back to their reps and National Executive Committees.

We therefore still have much progress to make. All members must stand firm and as soon as I have further information I will update you.

In solidarity,

John Leach
RMT Regional Organiser
London Transport region 11

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