Skills Development Transformation

The RMT met with London Underground this morning (2nd April) for what the company considered to be the first Skills Development Transformation consultation meeting.

Your RMT MATS reps insisted that we receive an assurance from the company that they will follow the Main Agreement, which states that the company need to complete a safety validation in consultation with our Health & Safety reps and justify how they can claim these job cuts are safe. Management attempted to continue discussions, reiterating their aspiration to rush through the job cuts. Your RMT reps insisted that they are against any job cuts and would not continue discussions until our Health & Safety reps have been consulted.

We are aware that our members are keen to know the proposed details of these changes and how it will affect them, but we must oppose jobs cuts and ensure that correct processes are followed before we get caught up in details.

Please also be aware that any proposals management may have presented to you are not fixed and are subject to negotiation and consultation with your reps.

We will update you as soon as possible, but feel free to contact your reps with any concerns