Significant win for Tube Lines members

The RMT have achieved a significant victory in the Tube Lines Pay, Pensions and Night Tube disputes. A good pay deal has been secured, as well as pension parity for all Tube Lines members.  This long running dispute has been won because of the hard work of RMT activists and representatives.

The letter below from General Secretary Mick Cash outlines the dispute, and the full deal is attached.

In Solidarity,

John Leach

London Transport Regional Organiser

Letter from General Secretary 

I am pleased to be able to report to you that in respect of the two specific disputes with Tube Lines, we have been able to secure a good pay deal and critically, we have finally been able to win equality and justice in pension provision for all Tube Lines members. The dispute over pensions goes back years and is a legacy of PPP. This issue is now resolved and we cannot overstate the massive achievement which involved strike action, campaigning and years of resolve and determination to win this right for you and your colleagues.

  1. Pensions: Access to the TfL Pension Fund for all current employees and new joiners from 29 th January 2017
  2. Pay: A protected RPI pensionable salary increase in every year from April 2015 until April 2019. Plus a consolidated £500 payment in the first year in recognition of the move to a 24-hour passenger service operation.
  3. Night Tube: A £500 non-consolidated payment to all Operational Staff following the successful launch of the service on the Piccadilly Line on 16 th December 2016.

Current employees who are members of the Tube Lines Pension Scheme, or who are eligible for membership, will be offered the opportunity to join the TfL Pension fund for future service from 29 th January 2017.

New employees joining Tube Lines on or after 29 th January 2017 will have the same opportunity to join the TfL Pension Fund as new employees in London Underground or Transport for London. Additionally, a very long-standing claim has also been successfully resolved as former Metronet employees who are now employed by TfL or London Underground will also be given a further opportunity to join the Tfl Pension Fund on 29 th January 2017.

In return for the above, RMT has committed to examine technology driven savings across the Tube Lines and London Underground businesses in the asset and operational support areas. Any efficiency projects will of course be subject to the existing agreed policies and procedures.

The pay offer which has been accepted is identical to the one given to LUL members and is detailed below. I have asked that the increase and backdated money is paid to members at the earliest opportunity and Tube Lines has advised it will be paid through the first available payroll following acceptance of the offer.

Year 1 – An average increase of 2%, made up of 1% plus a flat rate of £500 consolidated increase for all grades in recognition of the transformation to a 24-hour passenger service operation, effective 1 st April 2015.

Year 2 – RPI or 1%, whichever is the greater, effective 1 st April 2016.

Year 3 – RPI or 1%, whichever is the greater, effective 1 st April 2017.

Year 4 – RPI + 0.25% or 1%, whichever is the greater, effective 1 st April 2018.

The RPI figure is February RPI, as published in March each year.

Night Tube
In recognition of the launch of Night Tube, the Company will pay a £500 non-consolidated payment to all operational staff covered by this agreement. This payment will be made in the first available payroll following the successful launch of the service on the Piccadilly Line on 16th December 2016.

Track and Signals staff will be required to move to a Sunday to Thursday roster to support the operation of Night Tube on the JNP lines. However, a working group will finalise the roster arrangements and where roster changes are required, cases of genuine, demonstrable individual hardship will be considered locally using existing policies.

No other grades are affected by any roster changes due to Night Tube.

The full offer is available to download or read below.

This matter was discussed amongst all your RMT Reps at a meeting on Saturday 4 th November and the unanimous view was to accept the proposals in time for members to be offered entry into the TfL Pension Fund in January 2017 – the cut-off date for this acceptance is 11th November 2016.

The National Executive Committee noted the views from the meeting and took the decision yesterday to inform the Company of our acceptance of the offer which represents a significant victory. All Tube Lines members and your negotiating team are congratulated for the steadfast resolve which has led to us being able to reach this excellent agreement.

These improvements and agreements have only been possible as a result of the united stance and determination, including solidly supported strike action and industrial action, from all RMT members over many years of struggle and you are all commended for your resolve to fight to improve your jobs and terms and conditions.

Yours sincerely,

Mick Cash

General Secretary


Tube Lines Accepted Offer by RMT London Calling on Scribd